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Our Team

Our Distillation Team

Combining local knowledge from around the world

Our team has a high focus on the quality and attention to detail that ensures all the products we create are of the highest quality, Yet without our partners we would not be able to achieve our vision and we have a deep understanding of the effort and experience that our partners bring to us in helping us to develop our new products.


Coming from a wine making family Edgar has a pedigree of creating fine wines. Edgar has a masters degree in Oenology, with a specialisation in distillates and the distillation process. He is also a qualified sommelier and has worked in the wine industry in both his native Portugal as well as in Spain in the region of La Mancha. Taking his experience from winemaking and combining this with his passion for creating spirits, Edgar has one several awards for his distilled spirits. We are delighted to be partnering with Edgar and to develop our premium Gin utilising his incredible experience and passion to create a unique taste.

Master Blender

Miguel has been working in the wine and spirits industry for over 20 yeas and has worked with a number of leading brands in the Douro valley region of Portugal. Miguel has been a key part of the team helping us to create the perfect blend for our product. The unique taste we have developed for our Folium Gin has been the result of months of work from Miguel and his team to create hundreds of different blends before finding the correct balance of flavours.

Wine Producer

Braga comes from a line of wine producers and a family that created the Quinta do Mourão project in the Duoro valley. Braga has continued the traditional approach to the growing, cultivation and harvesting of the grapes. The team at Quinta do Mourão have worked hard with other producers in the region to cultivate white port wines as well as traditional Tawnies and Miguel has a range of blends that include a fantastic 100 year old tawny. Braga supplies the grapes we use in our Folium Gin and we are working with him to create new products in our range. Braga has also given us a fantastic cocktail passed down from his grandfather that combines Gin and Port!


Monica is highly respected in the wine and port industry in Portugal for her knowledge surrounding the chemical processes in the growing, fermentation and distillation of grapes and in the distillation of alcohol. Monica is an expert in the field and the leader of the team who provide chemical analysis and testing to the industry. Folium recognises that the fundamental building blocks of any product should not be left to chance, that is why Monica and her team test the quality and consistency of our base spirit before we start our distillation, and test throughout our distillation process to support us in curating a perfectly balanced blend for our botanicals.

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