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We are moving to a new premises in 2024

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Join us at our riverside location

The Folium Botanical Bar & Gin School is located in the grounds of the Harleyford Estate on the banks of the River Thames near Marlow. The Botanical Bar is Folium’s first UK location and alongside a beautiful bar, the Gin School offers a range of experiences that include Gin Tasting, Cocktail Making and the chance to work with master distillers to create your very own bottle of Gin. Join us to experience the exquisitely refined taste of our Gin, have a drink with friends, take time out for a coffee or learn more from our team of experts.

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Our Finest Drinks

Gin cocktails created from every one of our botanicals

Lemon Verbena Gimlet

Our own lemon verbena syrup with Folium gin, club soda and lime juice, served over ice

Goji Berry Martini

Giving you a boost, this martini blends Folium Gin with Vermouth, Goji Berry Smoothie, Cranberry Juice and Fresh Limes

Rosemary Gin Fizz

Fresh and full of memories with its distinctive aroma, balanced with a little sweetness from local honey

Star Anise Negroni

A classic negroni with extra spice is a winter favourite with Folium Gin, Campari, Star Anise and a slice of Orange


Popularised in New York city at the 21 Club this classic combines Folium Gin with Mint, Lemon and our own sweet syrup

Juniper Mule

A twist on the Moscow Mule combining Folium Gin with Ginger Beer, Angostura bitters and Lime wedges

G & Tea

A brew of our Bai Mu Dan tea combined with a twist of lemon, sugar syrup and Folium Gin


Using our grapes we create a dry, fruity cocktail by adding Folium Gin, Grappa, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup and Bitters

F o l i u m ® e x q u i s i t e l y r e f i n e d G i n ®



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