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Gin Inspired Afternoon Tea at our Riverside Location

Set in the beautiful grounds of the Harleyford Estate on the banks of the River Thames near Marlow, the Folium Botanical Bar celebrate a quintessentially British tradition

Tea is at the heart of our Gin and our afternoon tea brings together our award winning Gin and the tea we use to produce it to create our own twist on a great British tradition.

We produce Folium Gin in Portugal and Britain’s love affair with tea actually began when Portuguese Catherine de Braganza married Charles II in 1662, bringing the custom of drinking tea at court with her and making tea popular worldwide.

Tiring of the long wait between lunch and dinner, we have the Duchess of Bedford to thank for the invention of afternoon tea. What started out as simply ordering tea and treats to her room when peckish soon evolved into a gowns-and-all social affair, inviting friends to join her in her country house.


Our award winning Gin

Start you afternoon tea experience with one of our recommended Gin cocktails.

French 75 –  a cocktail for lovers of gin and prosecco, combining Folium Gin with lemon juice, sugar syrup and prosecco

G&Tea – a cocktail for tea connoisseurs, with a brew of our Bai Mu Dan tea, Folium Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup

If you prefer Champagne please ask us on arrival (supplement applies)

Finest choice of Tea

Tea is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Tea greets us in the morning, replenishes in the day and rejuvenates at twilight. Tea is the slowing of time to a moment shared as it awakens, livens, restores, consoles, calms and soothes. Tea gives us strength, builds bridges, and provides respite. Tea is as important to us as it is to you.

ASSAM BREAKFAST TEA – The ultimate single origin ‘english’ breakfast tea, satisfying and full-bodied with honeyed malty flavour.

JASMINE PEARL GREEN TEA – Young spring picked buds of green tea, naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers over five whole nights.

YUNNAN WHITE PEONY TEA – An uplifting and fruity white tea with a light rose freshness.

Finger Sandwiches

It is the sandwich that defines the English afternoon tea: its presentation and filling; its size and shape and slenderness; whether it is with or without the crust. Tea sandwiches should know their place—that is, before the scones and well before the patisseries.

Wiltshire Maple Cured Ham & Roasted Chicken,  Woodland Free Range Hens Egg & Watercress, North Atlantic Prawns & Egg Mayonnaise, British Regional Cheese & Caramelised Red Onion and Wiltshire Smoked Ham & Mustard.


Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry Vine Tomato & Avocado, Red Leicester Ploughman’s, Egg & Watercress, Egg & Slow Roast Tomato and Cheese & Caramelised Red Onion.

We also have a range of Vegan sandwiches and patisseries, so please let us know when you book

Scones, Patisseries

The development of patisseries started with the desire to serve something sweet after a meal and it evolved into the decadent world we know and love today. Scones have a humbler beginning starting as a Scottish quick bread, becoming popular in England when the Duchess of Bedford one late afternoon, ordered the servants to bring tea and some sweet breads, which included scones.

Plain & Fruit Scones with Raspberry & Violet Gin Jam, Negroni Marmalade & Clotted Cream


Our delicious range of patisseries which are inspired by seasonal ingredients, each one honed to perfection over time by our chefs.


Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Subject to availability.

Reservations must be made 72 hours in advance.


£35 per person

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