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About Us

We Create Refined Spirits

How we started

The journey of our founders is one of family, friendship and a passion to combine these elements to create a Gin that can be enjoyed internationally. Family is a big part of our founders lives, and they wanted to draw on the history of their families and combine this with their diverse cultural experiences.

Our founders had a shared interest and passion for wine and particularly the red wines of Southern Europe and from their travels had been exposed to the amazing tastes of local teas in both India and China. The goal with Folium Gin was to capture and combine the flavours from the grapes and the tea to create the same taste experience they had when drinking more complex wines and purest teas.

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Our Founders

F o l i u m ® e x q u i s i t e l y r e f i n e d G i n ®

Our Exquisitely Refined Gin

Unique Taste

Floral freshness & tangy fruitiness deliver a smooth, complex taste with a spiced finish

Premium Botanicals

A unique blend of nine botanicals sourced from a long line of family growers

Seductive Aroma

A consistent bouquet comes from individual distillations of our botanicals

Perfect anytime

Great to enjoy on its own, as a gin and tonic, and a fantastic addition to cocktails

Creating Unique Flavours

Combining the history of cultures

To truly capture the unique flavour we were looking to create in our Gin it was important to work closely with the producers of our botanicals, learning from them and using the history and experience from generations of the same family to help us create something unique.

It is for this very reason that Folium Gin is produced in the Douro Valley in Portugal, working closely with Port Wine producers to identify the right grapes to use and ensuring the distillation retains the flavour. Migeul our grape producer comes from a long line of growers and a family that has created fine port wines and red wines for generations and has continued the traditional approach for the growing, cultivation and harvesting of the grapes.

For our tea we went to the Wuji mountains in China to source the freshest young leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. Zhang Wei is a third generation tea producer and has a deep understanding of the care and precision required to develop and harvest the finest leaves and manage the critical oxidisation process.

The development of Folium gin follows the learnings from these traditional production processes and we make individual distillations of our botanicals before combining these back together to create the final blend.

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