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5th Anniversary Celebrations!

5 Years or 1,825 days on from the seed of the idea to open an alcohol business, develop new products and launch new brands we are celebrating today. Our Folium Gin continues grow as it enters new markets and this year we will be launching our Rum which has been aging patiently in casks for many years and is finally ready to be bottled. More to come on that later…

We read that a fifth anniversary is celebrated with wooden gifts, which made us think of a jigsaw. That got us thinking about the journey we have been on and all the interconnected pieces of our puzzle – strategy, product development, operations, marketing, finance, all coming together to complete the final picture.

It has been such an exciting and enjoyable journey so far and we have met so many wonderful people around the world as we have grown. We want to thank everyone who has either been directly involved or supported us along the way. Time for a celebratory Gin cocktail!

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