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Grape harvesting in the Douro

Our award winning Folium Gin is made in the Douro valley using and distilled with its native grapes, so we relish the opportunity to be a part of the annual harvest.

We joined the teams of pickers working in what is the last remaining region where almost all harvesting is done by hand. With such steep terrain and the close planting of the vines, mechanical picking is almost impossible.

It has been a difficult year with an average 40% drop in production caused by the very dry weather. Rainfall has been about 70% lower than usual and temperatures in June, August and September reached highs of 40 degrees.

Experts seem to be of the opinion that whilst the yield will be lower, the grapes are very fruity and the acidity is below average, but at a good level to produce fresh wines. This could lead to some exceptional wines in 2022!

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