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Chaps Day Out comes to Folium Bar

The “Chaps Day Out” is a way of raising the profile of local businesses while raising money for local charities and we were thrilled to be a part of this years

The subtitle of the CDO is ‘the art of perfection’. The day is about all things great, new experiences, new friends and new perspective whilst raising cash for great local causes. The day has no ‘known’ agenda or structure other than by Mr James who we faithfully trust and follow, and he has never let us down, quite the opposite.  In a world of agendas, full diaries and hurry the CDO gives us space to enjoy the finer things and shared experience, you can’t fully appreciate it until you’ve done it then it makes sense. So, clear the day, come without ego or agenda and be ready for anything, oh and wear your best dinner suit too!”   Mr Keith G

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