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Pink Gin Cocktails – with Soda, Tonic and Lemonade – we try them all!

To celebrate Valentines day, thanks to our friends at FeverTree we delved into all pink mixers to create some tasty cocktail combinations…

Starting out we added a twist to the traditional Pink Gin by taking our Folium Gin, adding Angostura bitters and topping up with Fever Tree Pink Tonic Water for a longer drink.

With Fever Trees Raspberry & Rose Soda we made a tasty Pink Gin Fizz – Folium Gin, lemon juice, grenadine, topped up with soda water.

Finally we tried the delicious Rose Lemonade – probably better with a Vodka than our Folium Gin but we wanted to complete the pink selection. We thought for this we would use a simple, classic cocktail, so we went for a Tom Collins – using our Folium gin, lemon juice, syrup and topped up with the fragrant Fever Tree Rose Lemonade – delicious!

Happy Valentines Day!

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